Party High Bridal Shoes Wedding Heel Evening Pump Sandals 5915 Peep Toe Ivory 07 Women's Fanciest How will you rise to the next marketing challenge?

Real challenges demand real expertise.
Enter Antenna.

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Marketing keeps changing. So do the people who know it best.
We created Antenna to bring them together in a real way.

Today’s marketing problems are complex, specialized and urgent. To solve them, you need independent experts who can step in quickly, work wonders, then move on to the next challenge.

Pump Heel Sandals Shoes Toe Evening Wedding 07 Fanciest Women's High Ivory Peep 5915 Bridal Party But these free-agents and contractors are elusive. Generic staffing agencies don’t have the depth to engage them. And big consulting firms are too slow to deliver the exact mix of skills you need on demand.

What if you had a direct line to marketing specialists and superstars right when you need them? Not just to fill empty seats, but for critical projects and strategic leadership at every level?

Antenna’s community of marketers closes the gap, bringing companies the hard-to-find people they need at precisely the right moment. Our model is grounded in real relationships with consultants and companies and real understanding of marketing now and where it’s headed next.

Our model is unique. Antenna is powered top to bottom by marketing veterans, people who’ve been on your side of the table. We get up to speed quickly and provide resources that fit your problem and your company: individuals or teams, junior to executive-level experience, long-term or short.

Project Consulting

High Peep Fanciest Toe Wedding 5915 Sandals Bridal Party Pump Ivory 07 Shoes Heel Evening Women's From small business growth plans to corporate product launches, we target tough assignments with the deep experience and outside perspective you need.

Interim Leadership

Sometimes organizational change needs a stopgap. Our senior-level people jump in to lend focused leadership to a project or temporarily fill roles too important to leave vacant.


Embedded with your teams long or short-term, Antenna specialists become a seamless extension of your department, growing your capability without expanding headcount.

Areas of expertise.

Strategy & Business Development

  • Business Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Women's Party Toe 5915 Ivory Bridal Evening Wedding Peep Shoes Sandals 07 Heel Pump Fanciest High Positioning & Messaging
  • Go-to-Market Planning

Marketing Communications

  • Integrated Communications Planning
  • Campaign Strategy & Planning
  • Trade Shows/Event Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Internal Communications

Marketing Automation

  • Pre-Implementation Strategy
  • Project Management & Testing
  • Shoes Pump 5915 Party Fanciest Wedding Sandals Peep Bridal Toe 07 Heel High Women's Ivory Evening Post-Implementation Evaluation
  • Platform Optimization

Growth Strategy & Innovation

  • Women's 5915 Sandals Shoes Bridal High Wedding 07 Toe Pump Heel Party Evening Fanciest Peep Ivory New Product Launches
  • Brand/Product Management
  • Category & Channel Management
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Pricing Management
  • Opportunity Assessment


  • Social Media Engagement
  • Mobile & E-mail Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEM (PPC) Advertising
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Analytics

Insights & Analytics

  • Customer Analytics
  • Primary & Secondary Research
  • Qualitative Insights
  • Database Analysis
  • Peep Heel Wedding High Sandals Evening Toe Shoes 5915 Ivory Pump Women's Party Bridal 07 Fanciest Quantitative Research

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Shoes Fanciest Women's Bridal 07 Wedding Sandals Ivory High Evening Peep Toe Party Heel 5915 Pump Here are a few examples.

Brand Experience


Turning B2B success into B2C sales is never simple, especially in the fickle and fast-changing consumer technology market. You need more than great products: you need an audience with the tech influencers whose tweets and reviews prime the mass market for the next big thing.


When the largest WIRED store ever opened in Times Square for the holidays, it was a chance to frame our client’s B2B technology brand and products in an electrifying new context. Antenna’s team saw the opportunity and jumped on it. Our group — an interim communications director, a strategist, and retail expert—created the plan, engineered the relationship and even represented the client at the launch event. It was an impressive showing that gave these essential products the audience they deserved.

"Consumer tech is a whole different world for us. At the WIRED Store, we trusted our Antenna team to take our B2C push to the next level."
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Here are a few examples.

Growth Partnerships


The client, a CPG manufacturer, makes and markets foods that are analogs to well-known grocery store brands. To grow revenue, they need new licensing partners that can extend their reach into diverse market segments and consumer groups, from indulgence-seekers to Hispanic buyers.


The assignment called for licensing expertise as well as cultural and language skills in the Spanish-speaking market. Antenna’s consultant brought the whole package. He tested the viability of different brand concepts with both customers and retailers. Then he turned these insights into pitches with potential partners, eventually sealing a licensing deal with one of the largest manufacturers in the Hispanic market, set to arrive in stores in 2015.

"Antenna’s pool of contractors is excellent—often better than I can access for full-time opportunities."

Here are a few examples.

Marketing Automation


Our client is an emerging leader in digital communication for government entities around the world. With plans for rapid growth, the company is using the marketing automation platform Eloqua to nurture sales relationships. But to execute, they needed strategic and technical expertise, broad as well as deep.


As the need for marketing automation surges, skills are scarce — only a few dozen Eloqua experts work in the local market. Our consultant, a 10-year veteran, stepped in to help define the strategy and build the system around it. His background makes him a perfect translator, putting decisions at the executive level in action in areas like sales and product development. As the challenge expands, he continues to assist: aligning the company’s tools and resources to pave the way for massive growth in the next five years.

"If we want to continue our aggressive growth, we have to get customer engagement right. And we can’t do it alone."

Here are a few examples.

New Market Exploration


Our client, a leader in online higher education, is expanding into corporate learning — a market very different from their current focus. Among the challenges they face is understanding the needs of a whole new customer and creating a smart model that can grow into a multi-million business in three years.


With deep expertise in B2B marketing management and higher ed, Antenna’s consultant brought strategic perspective and skills to execute. As product director, she’s helping to launch pilot programs, a first step in developing content and making in-roads with potential partners. As the project picks up steam, she’s advising company leadership on pricing, delivery, customer relationships and other essential pieces for transforming the pilot into a scalable plan.

"Antenna's consultant is helping us navigate a tricky new venture in uncharted territory, an area she knows well."

Here are a few examples.

Communications Leadership

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Even global companies have gaps in leadership. As our Fortune 500 client looked to expand its traditional B2B product line into a retail channel, they needed a senior marketing and communications leader who knew the territory and could help pilot this transition from within, from shifting the brand to creating a team to execute flawlessly.


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Antenna’s interim leader did more than create a plan, she helped lead a multi-million-dollar, multi-channel transition that changed the organizational mindset. Reporting to the Global Business Leader, our consultant became a lead consumer marketing voice within the division’s management team. Her efforts helped set the business on a new trajectory, establishing the brand with a new retail consumer and succeeding in a sector the company had not previously dared to tread.

"Antenna’s interim executive provided the consumer perspective our leadership team frankly didn’t have."
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